Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thar She Blows!

It's been windy in Chicago this week.  I mean, really windy.  And Prada does not approve.

We've had to keep our walks very short, because every time a gust of wind catches her from behind, her fur billows like a sail and whips her butt-end off the ground to one side or the other.  Prada is left scrambling to keep the single front foot both on the ground and underneath her.  She's taken to army-crawling on the ground in the windiest areas.

This is probably not something I should find funny.

(One more reason I keep Prada on a leash--I don't need her actually blowing away!)


An important note:
Okay, this is actually important:  Diamond Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled several of their lines of dog food that may be contaminated with salmonella.  You can see the lines affected here.

(True:  This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  My office is participating, and it's going to be awesome.)


  1. Poor Prada! Keep her close! Bummer that we don't participate in TYDTWD! As a law firm I guess it could get kind of crazy if even ten percent of us brought in our dogs. Two of my attorneys own Black Labs; I have a Black Lab mix and a Beagle; one of the secretaries I work with has a Great Dane; etc. It would be mayhem, but SO MUCH FUN! Sigh.

    1. We're getting new carpet at the end of the summer; I'm pretty sure that's the only reason my boss is allowing this. I'll take it! (I've got a whole year to convince him to let us do it again next year...)

    2. I got a great image of Prada as Piglet almost blowing away on a very blustery day. =)

    3. Ha! I love it! Now when I watch movies with the twins I babysit, I'm going to be seeing Prada instead of Piglet!

  2. I'm a bad person for laughing at the mental picture of Prada being blown about. Poor puppy!

    Fortunately, we only have cats so the pet food recall doesn't affect us. I do worry about contamination because some of our cat food comes from China, but our cats are picky buggers and I haven't had any luck switching them to something else. .

    1. Well, you and me both.

      Prada will only eat one kind of food, too, but that's because she never learned the art of chewing, and only one brand I've found makes kibble in pinhead-sized pieces.