Bibliophilia: It's a Disease

I read.  Voraciously.  A lot of young adult fiction, a lot of trashy romance, and whatever else grabs my attention.  Below is a list of what I'm reading/have read.  Have a suggestion?  Let me know!  I'm desperately looking for new book-loves.  Want to know what I think?  Email me at

January 2012:
  • Smokin' Seventeen, Janet Evanovich, 308 pages
  • The Rocky Road to Romance, Janet Evanovich, 224 pages
  • The Nine Lives of Choe King trilogy, Liz Braswell, 784 pages:
    • The Fallen
    • The Stolen
    • The Chosen
  • The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern, 384 pages
  • Angel's Blood, Nalini Singh, 368 pages