Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hops in the Right Direction: When People Do Good, Dogs Do Better

After what happened last week to Lennox, I needed to hear something good. 

In my searches for blog material, and just keeping up-to-date with what's going on in the world of dog rescue, I come across so many terrible stories.  Dogs like Lennox, who are euthanized unjustly because of the way they look.  Shelters calling themselves "no-kill" facilities that euthanize healthy dogs and then send postcards to the dogs' sponsors telling them the dog has been adopted.  New breed-specific legislation being passed.  Animals abused or left to live in their own filth or set to fighting.  And it's really easy to get swamped by all of that.  I mean, really easy.  When I do my searches, I know I'm going to need a box of tissues handy.

But it's crucial to remember, for every terrible story that breaks news, there are ten or a hundred or a thousand people working quietly in the background for the betterment of pets.  People who volunteer or donate.  People who train and educate.  People offering affordable veterinary options.  People who work against BSL or for animal advocacy.  People who cuddle their rescue dogs or purchase from reputable breeders or dog-sit for a friend who needs a hand.  People who care.

Here are some of their stories.

Handicapped dog warms hearts in Kentlands (Maryland).

Dog dodged death with role in Annie.

Bringing Savannah home: Family finds lost dog and new life mission.

Toy poodle helps rescue teen from burning home.

Irish Rail uses Twitter to help reunite lost dog with owner.

Oh, I guess I should have mentioned you may still need those tissues.

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