Friday, April 27, 2012

Next Time They Should Muzzle Me.

I had this work networking thing last night at the House of Blues--such a cool venue.  I gawk like an idiot every time I'm there.  As the office noob, my coworkers and boss think it's very amusing to get me another drink every time I reach the half-way point of the one I'm working on, despite (or, more likely, because of) my insistence that I can't hold my liquor.  So I spent half the night with two drinks in my hands.

Now, as you may know, I have a habit of making myself look ridiculous on a fairly regular basis.  And that's without social lubrication.  So, of course when a contractor I work with (but had never met in person) approached me and asked about the dual drinks, I blurted out, "They'll all double-fisting me!"

What are the odds that he'll forget I was even there?  Slim?  None?  Super.

Well, that's one way to be memorable.

(True:  This Saturday, April 28, is my last night as Karaoke Jockey at Blueberry Hill in Forest Park, Illinois.  Be there or be square.  Or just far away.)


  1. Karaoke thrills on Blueberry Hill - LOVE it! Wish I could join you but Washington is "far away". :(

    I remember one night out with the girls when we were ordering pitchers of beer. Every time I left the table to go dance they filled my mug to the top. That was the absolute last time I got stinking drunk. I paid for it with the absolute worse hangover ever the next day - my youngest daughter's birthday! Double :(. A little buzz is all I allow myself nowadays.

    1. People tend to forget that I am working when I'm there, and always want to buy me drinks in lieue of tipping. I've learned the importance of keeping a drink handy all evening, but I never have more than three.

      Here's a fun fact: My mom does the same thing with my wine glass at Christmas as your girls did with beer. She thinks it's funny to get me drunk. My family is a bit different, in all the awesome ways.

  2. Unfortunately, I am also far away. However, I am going to suggest that double-fisting it is an amazing way to meet new people and make friends. You should do this at every public event. Make it your thing, like Snooki and her fake tan. You'll be instantly recognizable! People will swoon at your feet! Men will throw themselves at you!

    I really don't see a downside here.

    1. Hmmm, that's not a bad idea. Kind of along the whole, "If you can't hide it, flaunt it" line. That is how that phrase goes, right?