Friday, April 13, 2012

This is Not the Post You're Looking For.

Or rather, "This the the not the post for which you are looking."  Grammar, George, grammar.  Jesus, I hate things that end in prepositions.

But I mean it.  Whatever your're looking for, you won't find it in this post.  It's not even about or relating to Star Wars. 

You see, I'm eating fried cheese right now, and that means I have more important things to do this lunch than blog.  Mainly, stuff my face.  Priorities--I have them.

Here, have a consolation link.    Go check out this awesome thing from The Oatmeal.

(True:  It's Friday the Thirteenth.  So don't die, okay?  I can't afford to lose any followers.)


  1. Loved the link Dana, thanks! Did you see the How to Pet a Kitty link in the sidebar? Funny stuff! Have a great weekend!

    1. I've seen that one before--too stinking funny! Pretty much all of his cat things are made of win. Oh! Have you seen any of the "Simon's Cat" cartoons on YouTube? All of them are awesome. All of them.

  2. Since English is a Germanic language rather than a Latin language, it's actually ok to end sentences with prepositions.

    Personally, I prefer to end them with propositions, but that's just me.