Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remember Me? That Blogger Who Isn't Dead? (Yet.)

You guys.  Did you know that tomorrow, September 13th, is Defy Superstition Day?  I think it's funny that the one superstition no one will be defying will be the whole Friday the 13th thing.

I was going to write about all the superstitions I was going to bash my way through tomorrow, but I'm beginning to realize there is a difference between being superstitious and being crazy.

Things I'm not afraid of (aka, things other people are apparently afraid of):
  • Black cats
  • Walking under a ladder
  • Breaking a mirror
  • Opening an umbrella indoors
  • Crows, ravens, and albatross
  • Sidewalk cracks
  • Red sky in morning

Things I am afraid of (aka, why yes, I am neurotic):
  • Putting mail in one of those big, blue, public mailboxes
  • Not checking at least twice to see if my car doors are well and truly locked
  • Making any noise whatsoever when my neighbor comes or goes
  • Giving everything (even inanimate objects) less-than-equal treatment (All of my stuffed animals were shown no favoritism when I was a child.)
  • The Gremlins under the bed
  • Books that aren't alphabetized by author (though by genre, then by author is acceptable.)

So maybe I'll mail you letter and then be mean to a frying pan, or something.

(True:  A friend did throw spare change on the floor of my new car for good luck, and I am sort of afraid of picking it up...)


  1. pretty sure I lock my car doors about seven times as I walk away from wherever I've parked.

    I like the horn sound, ok?

    1. I also do it with my apartment door, and my alarm clock.

      (I like the flashing lights.)

  2. I organize my books by genre, then size, then author, otherwise I can't fit everything. Of course, I still can't fit them all, then I have to decide which stay in banana boxes and which I have to have on the shelves.
    I've never double checked whether the car door locked; I'm deathly afraid of being cauht without gas in the middle of the boonies, so I drove myself crazy checking the gauge everytime I drove near a gas station (when I had a car and drove).

    1. Okay, I can accept an alternate ordering system involving size, since you have a space constraint. (Did I just give you written permission to order your books however you damn well please? Jeez, Dana. Hubris, much?)

      Also, that would suck. (Both not having enough space and running out of gas in the boonies.)

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  4. I started to write a comment, then I thought it was too long, then I decided I need to be more decisive, so screw it, I'm writing a book on your blog. (What is wrong with me!?!?!)

    First of all Dana, get out of my head! I had way too many "me too!" moments reading this. I loved stuffed animals as a kid, but every few months my mom would make me get rid of some since I had too many. I can remember tearfully explaining that I was sending them to a new family to be loved and being afraid the ones I gave away would hate me forever and wonder why I gave them away and kept the others. I also had my favorite (a panda named Panda, I am sooo creative) and was afraid the others would discover he was my favorite, so I would make sure not to sleep with him next to me too often even though I wanted to.

    I'm also like you with locks. I have to lock the door and then pull on the handle to make sure it is actually locked. With my car, I have to test at least 2 doors. The craziest part is that, since moving here, I have realized I do not trust Mike to lock the door. I can watch him do it and I still have to go over and test it myself.

    So yeah, in conclusion, I am completely neurotic. I need an intervention!

    1. Door Lockers Anonymous? You in for starting a club?

    2. But we already confessed on the internet! I feel like I broke the first rule of Door Lockers' Club. How can I regain my anonymity?

      P.S. - Thanks for commenting on my comments even when i get way behind and then write too much! =)

    3. Are you kidding. I obsessively check my stats to see if I have new comments!

      And I guess we'll have to change the name to "Door Lockers Non-Anonymous." Which is more fun to say anyway.