Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unforgettable... That's What You Are. (And Also a Bit Weird.)

(Update:  I should tell you, the the compliment I'm about to tell you about is sincere, was meant kindly, and was, frankly, taken in the same vein.  Any assholishness here is all mine.)

I have one of those faces.  Often, when people first meet me, they tell me I look just like their sister/cousin/teacher/sex therapist.  Sometimes, this is uncomfortable.

I've been told I'm almost as hot as my sister.  (Flattered, I'm sure.)
I look like a librarian.  (With the big black glasses, that's not too surprising.)
I look like a math teacher.  (Do math teachers look different than other teachers?)
I remind a friend of Maggie Gyllenhaal.

One of these comparisons is not like the other ones.

Obviously, I was beyond flattered to be compared to an actress I admire, and then...

And then.

And then, my friend continued, "Yeah, you're both manic."

(True:  The best part was when he frantically tried to backtrack:  "And you're both fit!  And brunette!")


  1. Diana "Don't Call Me Katie" GreeneSeptember 27, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    I used to know a woman who insisted I looked like Katie Holmes, which she thought was a compliment, and I thought was horrifying.

    To be fair, there was a space of about a year where every single time I got my hair cut, Katie Holmes would copy a couple weeks later.

    I'm a trend-setter.

    1. Dude. That should read "Diana 'Don't Call Me Katie' Greene". No more special characters for this girl.

    2. Whoa. Funny thing is, it shows up right in my stats page.

      So, you're saying you prefer Kate?

  2. I write to defend my compliment as sincere and without negative connotations! The comparison came to me at the beginning of the movie as Gyllenhaal awoke in her unique apartment and started the day with a headstrong, frantic, and sweet attitude and I was reminded of you. The comparison was reinforced due to your similar body types, hair, and facial features.

    Any perceived backtracking was due merely to mumbling/bumbling (hey, we all have our ticks Ms. Giggles incessantly). If manic was said, it was a poor choice as I find neither you or Ms. Gyllenhaal manic.

    Compliment defended. I'm out!

    1. Yeah, I did sort of let out a huge snort at one point, didn't I? And I was/am legitimately flattered, because, duh. Maggie Gyllenhaal. I just thought it was funny, because I think I AM manic. I was pretty tickled, actually. :D

  3. I have gotten the almost as hot as my sister. Admittedly, she is hot, but it hurts a little every time. But we mostly get mistaken for twins, or used to at least. And I apparently have several dopplegangers. I have had people try to convince me that I am wrong when I tell them that there is no way I was their waitress or that I definitely did not go to elementary school with them three states away from where I actually went to school. When I did the celebrity doppleganger thing on Facebook a while back, it said my doppleganger was Fred Savage. I loved Kevin Arnold, so I went with it.