Monday, October 8, 2012

"Consummation" is not the act of consuming. Sadly.

In the last sixty hours or so, I have eaten:

  • Two cartons of Bob Evans mashed potatoes topped with about half a pound of butter
  • An entire bag of pita chips topped with roasted red pepper hummus
  • A whole order of cheesy sticks from the local pizza place  (Theoretically, they are cheese-topped breadsticks, but that's not quite right.  They're really about two pounds of buttered cheese with just enough crust underneath to hold them together--if you eat fast.)
  • Three big-as-your-head tacos
  • A package of Godiva truffles
  • A pomegranate
  • A water buffalo
(One of the above is a lie.)

This is what happens when I'm over-tired, over-stressed, and too busy marathoning "Supernatural" to bother cooking.  I feel like a cow.  On the plus side, I'm mostly sort of don't feel homicidal.  And that's an improvement.

(True:  I actually lost a pound.  You hate me now, don't you?)


  1. Nah, I don't hate you for losing a pound. Just for NOT INVITING ME! Hey, is the red pepper hummus spicy-hot? I love me some hummus but I'm not sure about the pepper. Plus? Those cheesy sticks sound sinful AND delicious! The perfect combination!

    1. No, not spicy-hot, more savory, if that makes sense. It's my favorite kind of hummus.

      And you're totally invited next time. :D