Friday, October 26, 2012

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

My face, the day after an evening test-run for my Halloween makeup.  As my costume is pretty makeup-intensive, I wanted a run-through to figure out exactly how early I need to get up on Wednesday.  (Answer:  Very.)  And because I can never do costumes by halves, I went out and purchased higher-end makeup that actually dries (in case my nose itches, or something). 

Gotta say, the makeup does stay in place.  I washed my face four times to get it all off.

But, it's me, so I forgot to clean it off my glasses.  Which I put on the next morning in a pre-Mt. Dew stupor.  Aaaand I didn't realize I had facepaint smeared all over the bridge of my nose until about 10:30 that morning, at work.  Which means my coworkers are either equally unobservant or total assholes.  Jury's out.

(True:  A third option is that my coworkers did notice, and just decided it wasn't the weirdest I've looked...)


  1. You make me laugh Dana! I can see that happening to me. I'm always finding makeup on the nose pieces of my glasses. I can imagine if I was dressed up for Halloween! I hope we'll be seeing pics of your costume! Have a great weekend!