Friday, October 5, 2012

Shakespeare's Got Nothing On Me.

I know you missed my poetry.  I have such talent, after all...

Bad Day Poem

1.  Ten O'Clock in the Morning

I'm running on no sleep.
My eyes are dry and bleary.
All the caffeine in the vending machine
Can't help this day that's so dreary.

2.  Head Case

It's a bad hair day--
I know you can't tell.
As far as you know,
I always look like hell.

3.  Eye Know

These bags under my peepers
Hang down to my chin.
I could put on some makeup
If I knew where to begin.

4.  Free Lunch

At some point today,
I really need to work.
My pen's at the ready,
But it's easier to shirk.

5.  Or Eleven

Damn pen just exploded;
I'm dripping with ink.
I can't wait to get home
And settle in with a drink.

6.  Silver Lining

It's not my best day.
There are plenty of clues
That I don't want to be here--
But I've got fabulous shoes.

7.  Greetings

Pretty please just go away--
Not that I don't like your face.
But it's one of those days that's full of malaise,
And I do hate the whole human race.

8.  Epilogue

The weekend isn't quite the same
As happily ever after.
But those two days don't wreak
Tragedies quite as bleak
For this poor pipsqueak
(Wow, am I on a streak.)
'Cause I can stew in my B-movie laughter.

(True:  Bonus points if you find the Doctor Who reference.)

(Blah, blah legalese:  This is an original work, and I reserve all rights.  Steal it and I'll sic My Sister the Lawyer on you.)


  1. Unless there is a reference to the newest Dr. Who season (I'm saving it until I have all the episodes to marathon through :-D ), I'm going to say that the line, "Not that I don't like your face" is it. :)

    1. It is not (and me too).

      That's not the reference I meant to make--so I'll have to check that one out.

  2. "Or Eleven" is too obvious.
    The format is very similar to the method of "not-spoilers" featured on a recent episode.
    "I do hate the whole human race" covers pretty much every bad guy on DW, but specifically Daleks.
    For some reason, "I've got *fabulous* shoes" makes me think of River.

    Have I just forfeited the bonus points by guessing too many times?

    1. I thought it was too obvious, too. Especially since I don't drink at home. :D

      Basically, I think I've started to accidentally reference the Doctor every time I open my mouth. Or, you know. Type.

  3. There are worse people to reference, accidentally or otherwise ;). I was going to guess the shoes too since I obviously had a DOH moment and didn't "get" the eleven. Sigh.

    1. It's getting bad, this obsession. (With Doctor Who, not with shoes. Though that might be a close second.) A not-at-the-time-ex-boyfriend once accused me of loving the Doctor more than him.

      He was right. :D