Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Like an After-Christmas Clearance Sale...

...A little late, but pretty damn awesome.

You guys, I woke up this morning feeling well. 

Yeah, I'm one of those boring people with one of those boring chronic disorders, and you can't even tell I'm sick by looking at me, which is just plain rude.  But after six or so weeks of feeling ever more awful, peaking on Christmas Eve (because bursting out in tears and then cancelling a vocal performance at the Christmas Eve service as I walked into the Christmas Eve service is how I roll, yo), I feel awake, alert, focused, and hungry.

It's like my own little after-Christmas miracle.

This is too:

The Frogman's Night Before Christmas.  Read it.  Because if you didn't already know, Frogman is the funniest dude on the Internet.

(True:  Calendars are being mailed tomorrow.  I'm sorry; George is an asshole--see above.)


  1. Sooo happy to hear you're feeling well! In addition to being an after-Christmas miracle it sounds like a good start to the New Year!


  2. Yay, calendars! We've been checking our mailbox every day for a week.
    I'm sure my friend, the Bird Whisperer, will be happy to get hers. They had to put down one of their dogs yesterday (old age, health issues).