Monday, December 3, 2012

This is a Public Service Announcement (Poor Babies)

I went to a friend's baby shower this weekend, which was awesome since it was not a women-only event and the mama-to-be opened her gifts right next to the TV where the Packers game was on because PRIORITIES.

Things I learned: 

  1. My friend Huge Sam speaks fluent toddler.
  2. When it comes to baby shower games, it may not be the correct answer (ever), but "Motherfucking SPAGHETTIOS" it will earn you an extra credit point.
Also, baby food smells really gross.

(True:  This is not the announcement you are looking for.  I'd say I'm sorry, but I didn't specify when this week now, did I?)


  1. Enough already with the teasing! Out with it wench! (Just kidding.) :D

    This sounds like an awesome baby shower! Much better than the one we had for my youngest granddaughter. We were bbqing at a park and bundled up to our eyebrows because of the wind! Oh wait! I'm not supposed to use awesome any more right? How about stupendous? Does that work?