Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Really a Gift--For You and From You. So You Won't Even Have to Regift.

You know what I love even more than ice cream?  Watching TV and eating ice cream.  Of course, since I don't currently have a functioning television, all my watching happens online.  Between Netflix and the various networks' streaming video, I'm pretty well covered, and not in much danger of running out of things to watch.

A lot of my favorite shows are already discontinued or are already several seasons in--I generally prefer that, because then I can get obsessed and watch three consecutive seasons of a show in a week. 

But I might make an exception, and watch a currently-airing online show when Chic premieres.

Yes, that is a widget.  (Lookit ma, I managed a widget!)

Yes, that is a widget to a Kickstarter.

But I wouldn't recommend it if it weren't going to be AWESOME.  Seriously.  I know the producers, Sarah Hesch and Chris Snapp, and they are funny and clever as hell, and they make good art.  Do you really think I would recommend a show about pr0n on a blog my mother reads, otherwise?

Check it out.  Donate if it interests you.  Even if it doesn't, donate anyway--you can consider it a protest against the Kardashians.  And next year, you'll have something funny and clever as hell to watch instead of doing your laundry.

See?  Gift to yourself.

(True:  You know what else would make a great gift to youself?  A PossumFace Pinup calendar.)


  1. I'm up for that! My youngest daughter and I watched Magic Mike till late Saturday night. It was funny and bittersweet and had loads of very nice looking men in various states of undress. It isn't deep but it does have a plot and the equivalent of a happy ending. I'd watch it again, which is my usual way to decide whether I like a movie. :D

    1. I've seen that! Not bad, but the Avengers are hotter. That opening scene, where with Captain America and the punching bag...

      Hoo. I need a minute. ;)