Thursday, February 28, 2013

Define "Normal."

Well, I was going to blog today, but I ate too much Thai food instead.

In unrelated news, I dropped my hairbrush in the toilet this morning.  But hey, at least it wasn't my toothbrush.  The comb I use for backup probably wouldn't have worked as well on my teeth.

(True:  My coworker, who says she does not find puns funny, just responded to, "Are you quoting an Audi dealership?" with, "No, but I Audi be."  This was promptly followed by another coworker asking if anyone had an Audi.  The response?  "No, my belly button's an innie."  God, I love my office.)


  1. Love the puns!
    And now I have to subscribe to your blog because I totally drop things in the toilet all of the time. Even if the cover is down. I don't know how that even happens.

    1. That makes me feel a lot better, actually--especially since I've never managed to drop anything in the toilet when the cover is down.

      And you know, I don't know why puns get such a bad rap. They were good enough for Shakespeare, after all...