Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The More You Know

I try to learn something new every day.  I find it keeps my mind open and sharp.

Today I learned that a can of Mountain Dew that is mostly slush can still explode if you drop it--it's just a slow-motion explosion that lasts about ten minutes.

My life will be much richer for this information.  And my desk much stickier.

(Want to know how to traumatize me at 8:07 in the morning?  Give me a can of soda--sweet, sweet caffeine--that is puking like a slushie volcano.  And that's probably the most mixed metaphor I've ever conceieved.  You're welcome.)


  1. If you remove the puking, a slushie volcano actually sounds pretty cool.
    True: the sponsored ad that came up on this page was for a "mentos geyser" (for use with Mentos & Diet Coke.)

    1. Dude, I get way more entertainment out of the ads that show up than is healthy.

  2. I got stomach flu once and felt like a human puking slushie volcano, but I didn't have that phrase to describe my state. So, thanks for sharing it with me--I'll keep it for future use.

    Sometimes the explosion takes ten minutes, but I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes it goes down just like a normal (rapid) explosion. My wife put a diet Coke in the freezer and forgot about it. It had been there for an hour or so--not long enough to freeze solid, but enough to expand or do whatever it is that diet soda does when it gets really cold. One of our kids opened the door and accidentally knocked the can out onto the floor. Kablooie! In 3 microseconds we had about 6 ounces of Coke on everything in the kitchen. The remaining 6 ounces were spraying from the can, in a beautiful little Coke geyser. This was on a Sunday morning when we were getting ready for church. Thankfully, it was diet, so not sticky.

    Thanks for bringing back that memory. You're still one of my favorite bipedal bloggers!

    1. Oh noes! If mine had exploded like that, I probably would have cried. At least I was able to salvage most of the can.