Monday, February 25, 2013

Mad Motor Skillz, Yo. I've Got Them.

While bowling this weekend with friends, we got to talking about how in the US, we count on our fingers starting with our index finger, while in Europe, they start with their thumb.  It was just a curious, one-off observation until C tried to demonstrate the number four, European-style.

I am twenty-mumblemumble years old, and I should probably not find someone not being able to move their ring and pinkie fingers independently as funny as I do.

I my defence, he looked like a velociraptor, and velociraptors are always funny.  They are even funnier when they try to redeem themselves by doing a Vulcan salute (i.e., a Spock hand).  (I had no redeeming to do.  Not only can I fold my pinkie down solo, I can also snap my fingers on one hand in the shape of a triangle while simultaneously snapping the shape of an L with my other hand.  With a high-demand talent like that, it's a shock I'm not filthy rich.)

Also, I discovered that some people are totally incapable of not checking out a fellow bowler's butt.

I am not one of those people.

After bowling (and barbecue!  Sweet, sweet barbecue...), we hit downtown for drinks and karaoke.  It's been a while since I've been to a bar in a college town.  So it was something of a revelation to get hit on by a guy calling himself "Rhino" who opened with, "How old are you?  Are you way too old for me?" 

(True:  Try moving your right foot in a clockwise circle.  Now draw a six in the air.  Your foot just changed direction and also you look very silly.)


  1. Curse you, Dana! Now I will spend the rest of the night trying that stupid trick with the 6 and my foot.

    I think the American way of counting on our fingers is best, not just because USA is #1, but for a practical reason: the thumb holds unused fingers down until they're needed, eliminating the struggle your friend faces (that you, oddly, don't share).

    True: In Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," the American spy blows his cover by incorrectly gesturing how many drinks he wants, betraying himself to a keenly observant German officer. This is why it's important to pay attention to Five Legs Between Us--if he'd read the entry above, perhaps he'd have gotten it right.

    1. I've seen that movie! I'm not a huge Tarantino fan, to be honest, but that is one exception. But you're right, this is the place to be if your into espionage. :)

      Here's a curious fact: I count on my fingers starting with my thumb, but when I hold up fingers to someone else to indicate a number, I start with my index finger. I'm weird.

  2. Glad the weekend made it into the blog! Bowling was definitely my favorite part, even though I suck. I need to learn the snapping trick, since we have the independent movement of our fingers down. I tested my family and friends, all the girls who have also all played piano can do it, and none of the guys (who have not played piano) can. Now I don't know if it's a sex thing or a piano thing! I think most people in the U.S. count on their fingers starting with their thumb but indicate numbers starting with their index finger, actually. And thank you for sharing the 6 and foot trick with the internet so we can torture more people!

    1. I've never played piano, actually. I always assumed the independent finger thing came from too much typing, but you would think it would be more evenly split between the genders if that were the case. I may need to do some googling.

      And, naturally I had to share the six/foot trick! Torturing people is listed first on my resume.

    2. My mom played organ/piano; I dabbled in piano growing up. Both of us (and my sister) can independently fold down our left pinkie, but the right one always drags down the ring finger with it. This is the main reason I use an ASL "3" (thumb and first two fingers) instead of the typical (like a W) when I'm indicating quantity.