Monday, May 20, 2013

I Don't Know What You're Talking About--I Am Awesome Company

Obviously, since the Dude never felt obligated to actually push me out of the moving vehicle--even after six hours trapped in it with me.  (I believe this took Herculean effort.)

YOU GUYS.  In the course of an entire weekend, I wasn't pushed out the car, or into a sinkhole, river, or off a ridge.  Nor was I made to sleep outside in the rain, in the car, or at the end of the tent with the puddle.  I got to eat on a fairly regular basis.  I wasn't even abandoned in any part of 400 miles of cave system--not even once.  Not even for a minute.

You know, for the first vacation (of two--I am a lucky bitch, aren't I?) in ten days, I feel like I'm really on a roll. 

(True:  If you're one to take advantage of the national park system or like history, geology, spooky places, or just cool stuff, I highly recommend Mammoth Cave.  It's absolutely incredible.)


  1. Well, not getting thrown from the car into an abyss is proof that you're a pretty cool girlfriend. (Obviously.)

    I was wondering, though. I didn't read any blogs for most of 2012, so maybe I missed something, but this just occurred to me: you used to go out with The Squeeze. What ever happened to him? I miss The Squeeze. He was a nice fellow. Now you're seeing this Dude guy. I don't have anything against him, as long as he treats you right. (Like not throwing you from his speeding car, for example.) What's going on? As one of your 27 loyal followers, I think I have a right to know.

    And Dude, if you're reading this and you never heard of The Squeeze, just forget I ever brought him up. I meant to type this comment somewhere else... um, on The Bloggess. Yeah, that's it. I get these blogs confused sometimes.

    1. I swear the squeeze didn't get thrown from a speeding car, either...