Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is the best news title ever...

"Drunk Man Assaults Stormtrooper, Ghostbuster On Free Comic Book Day, Gets Tased, Arrested By Police"

That's from Geekologie, which is pretty much where all my news comes from.

Gawker also has an article, plus this super-amazing ultra-awesome pic:

This is why I love the Internet.

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(True:  80% of adults have trouble with left and right.  So I've provided you a helpful arrow!  not that I'm assuming my readers would necessarily be in the 80%.  You're definitely in the 20% just because you're here.)


  1. Git over here, Dark Vader! I'll kick yore imperial ash... [hic!] Oh! Now YOU want sum a thish too? Who you [hic!] gonna call? I'll tell you who: Department of blargh blah MICHAEL BLOOMBIRD flargh slumber and her little puppet Hillary Clinton slurf deny my benefits. I'll show you who they should have fired murffle murg...

    Where's my light saver? I'm about to go all Luke Skyworker on these ash-holes. Hey, how'd these handcuffs git on here? [Hic!] SOMEBODY CALL YOGA! Tell him I'm being kudnapped by the imperial ghost bust... ghost whisper... buster... um... Hey, that Jennifer Love Hugetits shur has some nice [Hic!]... Oh! So now I'M going to jail? You have no idea who you're meshing with! I demand to speak to the jedi council!

    Help me Obie Wondernobie! Yore my only um... oh no, I think I just sharted.