Sunday, June 23, 2013


I am very sorry to announce I will no longer be accepting comments from anonymous posters.  I love comments immensely, but I will not tolerate creepy anonymous comments of the variety I have been receiving of late. Go look for porn or join a website dedicated to creeps.  You're no longer welcome here.

If you're an anonymous commenter of the uncreepy variety, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.  I hope you'll still read and maybe build a profile so you can continue your much-appreciated commenting.


  1. Gurrr? And I thought that I was your only AnonyMouse poster? So, I am now very curious to see your creepy posts! :)
    :::bear always looking for new tips:::

    1. Sadly, no. Someone was making really creepy, really personal comments. Ick.

    2. Poor hunnybunny! A young pretty lass such as yourself, who raises a three-legged dog and knows how to use a chainsaw (no relationship between those two, deserves only to be adored.

      Speaking of adoration, the last several miles of tonight's commute involved following right behind a Palermo's Pizza truck. Yes, life can be that cruel.

    3. Life is hard, man. Life is hard.