Monday, June 10, 2013

The Three Things I Need Before I Can Achieve Self-Actualization

A K-9 poodle skirt.

I need more time to
Write really awful haikus
To inflict on you.

To be Batman more often.

Villains, beware.

(True:  This is my face.  Hi, Internet!  Please don't do anything weird with my face.)


  1. You're way closer to Nirvana and stuff than I am. I still need to figure how to keep 700 pounds of laundry from piling up, and how go generally not suck at several hundred things.

  2. I make no promises, but send me your waist measurement and the length you desire said skirt to be.

  3. Three things:

    -I'm sure Maslow would agree completely.

    -So this is the infamous Biped. (That's when you're more than famous. IN-famous!)

    -About not doing anything weird with your face. Um, I'm not sure how to break this to you, but you already... nevermind.

  4. I had a regular old poodle skirt once upon a time. A K9 poodle skirt would be sweet! And you know what they say. Be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then definitely be Batman!