Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five Legs are Enough

Let me tell you what happens when you bring home a three-legged dog:  People think you're friggin' crazy.  Or maybe Mother Theresa, reincarnated.  (Sorry, God, that was probably, well, not blasphemous, but hopefully not hell-worthy, since I'm not Catholic, and I'm almost certain Catholics don't reincarnate.  If they did, it probably wouldn't be into a Presbyterian.  Yeah, tangent.)

Anyway, I've spent the last seven months trying to convince My Sister the Lawyer that someday, if I adopt children, chances are good they won't have three legs.

Can you just imagine trying to find jeans for that kid? 

(True:  It is okay to put your dog on a leash.  For some reason, it's also more or less socially acceptable to leash your children.  It's less acceptable to leash friends and lovers--keep that behind closed doors, please.  Leashing a subordinate at work will probably get you fired and/or sued.)

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