Friday, October 28, 2011

Cake or Death? I Choose Option C, Shoes. Oh, and Death Too, I Guess.

Last night, I bought new shoes:  snakeskin and patent leather ballet flats.  At least two animals had to die in order for me to wear these shoes.  Oh, and they have metal trim, so add countless innocent bugs displaced by the mining, and possibly a dead bird or two.  (If they're old-school like that--Tweety, you go first and tell me if you die!)

It's okay, though, my PETA-friends.  I got them at a thrift store, so everything was murdered for someone else first.  I'm helping with sustainable shoe-harvesting!

(True:  I grew up in very rural Wisconsin, where my family raised rabbits to eat and pygmie goats to sell as indoor pets.  This seemed normal.)


  1. Well, nobody's gonna complain about the snake(s) that were killed to make your shoes, except maybe snake lovers, and they're a bunch of weirdos.

    Patent leather comes from really shiny cows. They just get made fun of by the normal cows, so the shoemakers are doing them a favor.

    And I'm pretty sure they don't send canaries into mines any more. They have high-tech instruments. Geiger counters or something.

    I'd wear the shoes guilt-free. No, that's not true, because I'm a 41 year old straight man. But I think YOU should wear them. Yeah, that's better.

  2. Coming from Wisconsin, I can tell you those shiny cows really do have it rough. (But they taste just fine.)