Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night, I went to a special screening of Grimm, a new show on NBC premiering this Friday.  Not because I'm particularly special, but because if it's free, I'll sign up to win.

With a friend as a plus one, I rode the train downtown and found my way to a very swank movie theatre (yeah, it was definitely the kind that would spell it that way) after almost ending up in Target instead.

Okay, maybe I am special.

Anyway, we collected our free tickets, overpaid for popcorn, and took our seats.  We did not win any t-shirts or DVDs, which was a bit of a bummer, but one of the people who did pumped her fist and cried, "Today, I feel like a winner," so I wasn't too put out.

Most of the people there were from the press.  I'm pretty sure they gave out a few tickets to us "commoners" so they could gauge our reaction to the show.

And here's what I thought of the show:

It has potential.  The main character, whose name I can't remember, is too pretty for my liking.  I'm sorry, but a cop just shouldn't look that... shiny.  And they definitely don't make enough money to buy jeans that fit like that.  (Not that I particularly minded that.)  Of course, it was a premiere episode, which I think often fall flat even for programs that turn out to be fantastic, just because they have to fit so much back story in there.

Grimm is by the same writers who did Buffy and Angel, which definitely intrigued me.  I love me some Joss, but it would be nice to see that kind of cleverness without knowing that the end is going to make me feel terrible every time I think about it for years to come.  And I could see the similarities between Grimm and those shows.  The dialogue is quick and quirky, and the humor is the tongue-in-cheek variety.  If you like puns, you'll like it.  If you don't like puns, what's wrong with you?

And the wolf man?  (Another character whose name has slipped me.)  He's fantastic.  It's worth watching just because of him.  The girlfriend is lackluster and forgettable.  In fact (SPOILER ALERT), I think the pretty boy cop might have dumped her at the end.  But maybe that was just wishful thinking.

In any case, I will definitely be catching the next episode.  The dialogue and main characters alone are worth it, but when you add the fun-poking, it seems like something that'll be awesome, if it hasn't quite reached that yet.

At worst, you'll have wasted an hour, and let's face it, you've wasted hours in way stupider ways.


  1. That's a nice review, Biped.

    I don't watch much TV, but I may keep an eye open for this, as it sounds like the kind of show I'd like.

  2. Thanks, Brian! You'll have to tell me what you think if you watch it. Then I'll know if I'm just crazy. :)

  3. I just watched it last night. I agree with you, though I couldn't help finding flaws in the plot and characterizations. I love sci-fi/fantasy and am always happy to see a new show of that genre on TV, but I sure hope that the show isn't "dumbed down" for the lowest common denominators of society. I want something that is going to make me think. I do like the wolfman character, but the girlfriend was just a prop. I have a feeling she won't be around long in the following episodes.

  4. I totally agree, seabeegirl. I studied fairy tales in college (because I went for a really useful degree), and I hope the next episode lives up to these writers' potential.

  5. Started watching this after your review. I think we have the third one left to view but we enjoyed the first two episodes a lot. Looking forward to seeing where they're going with this.

  6. Hey, wow, that's cool! I'm so flattered! I keep hearing the creators talk about it like a twist on a regular cop show, but it still seems to me something more along the lines of Buffy or Primeval. Of course, I don't generally like cop shows...

  7. I don't watch a lot of cop shows either (though I do catch Blue Bloods - gotta love Tom Selleck!). And I adored the wolf! You were so right that he makes the show!

  8. Tom Selleck was spoiled for me by that movie with the baby and also the fact that my mom thinks his mustache is sexy.