Friday, October 21, 2011

Three Legs, Third Wheel

I think my dog might have multiple personality disorder.  No, really.  Let me show you.

With me, Prada gets excited, spins, hops along for a while, then cuddles up to me and goes to sleep.  We watch Dr. Who or nap or read for hours like that.  Or we go for a well-mannered walk.

That's my girl.  Also, my Supergirl t-shirt.

With The Squeeze, Prada gets excited, spins, hops along for a while, charges onto the couch, pounces on The Squeeze's stomach, tries to lick his face, spins around, maybe falls over, wags her tail in his face, and then repeats eight or forty times.

My dog is the same size as The Squeeze's shoe.
 See the mania?  Crazy-eyed, tongue-flapping bonkerosity. 

Now, Prada is about two and a half years old--a teenager, you might say.  Writing for teenaged girls as I do, I have learned some things about them.  Which means that there is another possibility besides her being mentally unbalanced.

I think that maybe, just maybe, my dog is in love with my boyfriend.

(True:  sometimes turtles fall in love with shoes, or beetles fall in love with beer bottles.  Which just goes to show that turtles and beetles just know what makes life good.)


  1. Crazy-eyed, tongue-flapping bonkerosity. Hehe.

  2. I have no doubt Prada loves your guy. When I was dating after my divorce I often judged my dates by how my dogs (especially Penny) behaved with them. Wooly was chummy with anyone who would pet him but Penny was no one's fool. If the guy was a jerk she knew it and let me know it. When the now-husband came to the house she adored him on sight. Loved that dog a lot.

  3. Dogs can be great way to find out something true about a person. Prada loves pretty much everybody on sight--if they don't love her back, she just tries to make them see how gosh-durn cute she is. However, The Squeeze's neighbor hates dogs, and generally is not very friendly to people, either. Prada is not a fan. He's the only person she barks at like that.