Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Am a Walking Slapstick Routine

Or a limping one, really.

I broke my little toe last night, and you know how I did it?  Walking.  Honestly, in a world of "survival of the fittest," how am I still drawing breath?  It's shocking really that I haven't asphyxiated on my own tongue, much less that I drive cars without incident on a regular basis.

Aaaand now I won't be able to wear the awesome pumps I was planning on for the wedding I'm going to next week.  Which means I'll need to find another suitable, open-toed pair in my closet or buy some.  Which frankly I don't want to do. 

(By the way, I may well go M.I.A late next week.  I'll be in Florida, vacationing with Seven and attending a mutual friend's awesome wedding.)

This Karma is too sweet to suggest I deserved it.


  1. I once broke my foot on a carnival blow-up thing. So yeah, I basically broke my foot on air. Hope it feels better soon!

    1. Ouch, bummer!

      It really doesn't hurt. As long as I don't put any weight on it. :/

  2. That just sucks Dana, I'm so sorry! No dancing at a wedding? Say it ain't so! I'll send good vibes your way for speedy healing AND finding really cute and comfy shoes to wear!