Friday, March 2, 2012

Run for Your Lives!

Good God, you guys, this.  This:


I saw this at Deals (a grown-up version of the Dollar Tree), and I've got a picture of my own on my phone that I took in thrilled horror.  I mean, look at it!  This is meant for children!

I'm pretty sure it's an undead, zombie-blue, buck-toothed horse with a messed up tail and a thirst for blood fresh from the jugular of your child.  I'm calling it Tweedle-Dead.

(True:  Anthropomorphic pillows freak me out.)

Even Sunny is in a rush to get her people out of the path of that monstrosity.


  1. Tweedle-Dead! Hahahahahahahaha! Priceless!

    1. No, seriously. I can't decide if that thing makes me want to laugh or scream...