Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hops in the Right Direction: Money Don't Grow on Trees (Plus a Happy Ending)

And that's a problem in a lot of ways.  Cost is a big reason why people are hesitant to adopt a dog who may require additional health care.  The cost of care is even scarier when your pet needs the surgery now.

There are, of course, lots of options.  Pet insurance, credit cards designated specifically for vet bills (ask your vet), savings accounts--whatever suits you.  But sometimes, you need a hand.

For example, a dog, Bubba, in one of the meetups I attend (okay, I've never actually been to one yet, since they always seem to be when I'm working one of my three jobs), recently had to have his left back leg amputated because of a rare lymphatic disorder, poor guy.  The meetup is hosting a rummage sale to help defray the cost of that, and to show support for Bubba and his mom.

If you are in the Chicago area this weekend, here is the info:

When:  Saturday, March 31, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Where:  Greenleaf Art Center, located at 1806 W. Greenleaf Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645.

I won't be in Chicago this weekend (Dear Florida:  I promise I will try not to burn you down.), so I've got two options for helping:  mailing a check to the person running this show (homegrown affair, so it'd go to an apartment address), or call her with my credit card information.  These are people's homes and personal lines and real names I'm dealing with here, so I'm not going to post that info here for all the Internet to see, but if you are interested in donating, leave me a note in the comments or email me at and I'd be happy to set you up with contact info.  I will match donations from readers dollar for dollar (up to a completely arbitrary point; I have three jobs for a reason, and plane tickets are expensive).

Here is another arbitrary thing: a cool video! It will probably make you cry, in a good way. (Shout out to my friend Sam, who found the video and who also fosters pit bull terriers. He's good people.)

Yay, happily ever afters!

All right, all right, wipe your tears.  Go make someone hug you--I'll wait.

Better now?

Good, because I have to tell you that I'm probably not going to be posting for a few days, while I fry in the sun, drink rummy drinks, and enjoy the festivities of a good friend's wedding.  See you on the flip side!


  1. I can't donate at the moment (I do not have three jobs, which on the lazy hand is nice...but what's not nice is I barely have one job. &*$#! economy!) However, I wish you luck!

    1. Oh, I have definitely been there--good luck!