Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nose As Long As a Telephone Wire...

Don't tell The Squeeze, but I sort of set the kitchen on fire last night.  Just a little.  I turned the back burner on instead of the front one, which was no big deal.  I turned the proper one on, and turned away to grab a plate.  Turned back, and--well, apparently the roll of paper towels was a leeettle too close to that back burner.  It was a rather lovely pillar of flames.

I used the floor, my feet, and a lot of cuss words to put it out.  Luckily, the paper towel holder is marble.  Luckily, the floor is tiled.  Luckily, I was actually wearing shoes for once.  Luckily, the neighbors didn't look out their kitchen window into ours.  That might have been difficult to explain. 

But hey, in a relationship, it's okay to keep some things to yourself, right?  A secret isn't exactly the same as a lie...

And it's not like my pants actually started on fire.  They're just a little, you know.


Jemma is totally judging me.


  1. Know what burns real good? A plastic bag of egg noodles when you do the "wrong burner" thing... or so I'm told, by a friend, yeah, a friend...

    1. Egg noodles, huh? And plastic? I bet your, I mean your friend's place smelled really appetizing from that. (But at least I'm not alone!)

  2. Glad your skin wasn't singed. You were lucky to escape with your life...er, wait....you weren't lucky, you're obviously an awesome firefighter-type person....they all cuss when they're putting out fires, too.
    I'm a little jealous. I only boiled a pan to death once. That's not nearly as awesome.

    1. It was funny. I had this out of body moment when I was like, "Wait. Is it really a good idea to try to stomp on flames four inches high while wearing baggy pants? Probably not. Whatever."

      You'll probably read about me in the Darwin Awards someday.