Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hops in the Right Direction: All Work and No Play... Not Here!

All right, folks, we've got a couple things to take care of today, so no advice from me.  Sorry.  I know how desperately you've been looking forward to that this last week.  No, no, don't cry:  It'll be all right, I promise.

First and foremost, the very long-awaited Ugly Sweater Contest Winner!  Drumroll, please....

Tarzan!  Ain't he a cutie?  His mom, Jenny, sent me this photo, explaining that this Santa outfit is the one her son wore for his first Christmas--that was five or six years ago.  To top it off, she sent me a picture of her son in the same outfit this Christmas, but sadly I accidentally deleted it.  Jenny, I'll be contacting you about your shiny $10 gift card.

Prada was very sad she couldn't compete, because she's been working hard on her glamour pose:

Oh, wait, you can't actually see her sweater there.

Glamour-puss.  Er, dog.

Anyway, congratulations again to Tarzan and Jenny!

And, you guys!  I have the most exciting news!  Remember Rusty?  He's been adopted!  I'm hoping to hear from my contact at the rescue he was at; I'll update you when I can.

Go, Rusty!

Dora will be sponsoring us this week.  This photo was taken shortly before her amputation, but don't worry--she's still the prettiest girl in the room!  (Though Prada might argue that.)


  1. As well she should! Prada's glamour pose is fabulous! But Dora's pretty cute too :)

  2. The best part is, that was the first time I'd ever really gotten her to hold still for a photo without major treat-bribing. I think she might have been a supermodel in a past life.