Monday, November 19, 2012

Living to Tell the Tale

You guys, I'm sorry.  I have been MIA, and a very bad blogger.  (I'm so ashamed.)

BUT, I have a good reason:  I was in Cleveland.  Not for fun, because if I had enough money to go on vacation, I would go to a beach and drink rummy things with umbrellas, or New York and see a show, or DC and move into the Smithsonian.

I went for work. 

I have to say, Cleveland was pretty all right, all things considered.  We had some amazing food, saw some pretty incredible art, stayed in a very nice hotel, and did some work-related stuff, too.  Of course, the place where the workshop was held was in the worst slum I have ever seen.  We didn't get shot, though, so it's all good.

Though I'm pretty sure someone threw a rock at our car.

(True:  Seriously, though, if you ever go to Cleveland, eat at Felice.  Your tastebuds will thank you.  And the sassy lady who owns the place, Margaret, is definitely Prada Approved.)


  1. Mmm ... menu looks yummy! The melted cheese sandwich with grilled zucchini! Pardon me while I drool a little. Glad you're back! And that you weren't kidnapped or stricken with amnesia or something.

    1. Oh, man, my friend ordered the melted cheese sandwich and I ganked a bite and IT WAS TO DIE FOR. Seriously. I want to go back to Cleveland just for that sandwich.

  2. My college friend lived there... Had a good time too! Nice to travel for work sometimes!!!

  3. I read this at first as "we did get shot though, so that's good" and had to go back and check myself. Glad you're back (with no gunshot wounds)! Any time you get to travel for work is a free vacation, right? Sounds fun. =)