Monday, November 26, 2012

The Circle of Life Can Suck It

As you may know, Prada had been coming to work with me there for a while during some work on my building.  Since it was reasonably warm, I could leave her out in the car without feeling too guilty.  (She's got a bed and a blanket out there, and she sleeps all day anyway, so don't feel too bad for her.)  And several times a day, I'd take her out to stretch her legs and go potty on the patch of grass in front of the building.

Near this patch of grass is a telephone pole.  After a couple days of regular potty outings, Prada had gained an observer:  a hawk that curiously enough only perched on that telephone pole around the times I took Prada out.

One more reason to keep your dog on a leash--your dog is less likely to be eaten.

Obviously, this story doesn't have a tragic ending--Prada is currently at home (yay, no more early morning hammering!), probably sleeping.  (I'm so jealous.)  Well, not tragic for Prada, that is.  Judging by the amount of feathers scattered on the lawn, either there was an epic pillow fight while I was gone or a small bird met a violent end.


On a side note, if I hold Prada like Rafiki holds Simba, she dances.  I find it very amusing.  (She doesn't.)

(True:  My dad once hit a wild turkey with his car.  Do you know what happens when you hit a wild turkey going sixty miles an hour?  A blinding explosion of feathers.  Seriously.)


  1. Hahahahaha! The "blinding explosion" reminds me of an old commercial I loved. Picture a cat - one of those very poofy long-haired ones, sitting on the stairs. I don't remember whether she sneezed or what but the TV screen was filled with an "explosion" of fur and when you see the cat again it's all skinny with only a tuft of fur here and there and a disgruntled expression. I don't know why I found it so hysterical nor do I even remember what the commercial was for but boy did I laugh!

    Glad Prada is safe and sound! Predator birds are no joke! A friend of ours took down a tree after a storm once. There was an eagle nest in the upper branches and they found lots of pet collars inside!! SHUDDER!

    1. Oh, geez, that's horrifying! I get it; they need to eat. Just don't eat things that have first names, okay?

      I don't remember that commercial, but the image in my head is still making me chuckle!

  2. My husband hit a rainbow lorikeet whilst driving 150km/h down a country freeway.

    Do you know what happens when you hit a rainbow lorikeet going 150km/h?

    A squidgey, wet rainbow-feathered smear across your windscreen. We were picking bloody rainbows out of the grill for days.

    1. It's probably wrong to laugh as hard as I just did...

  3. I go slightly insane decorating for Halloween every year and last year I walked into the Dollar Store and they had these awesome fake ravens, with real feathers. Of course I bought $20 worth of these bad boys and put them all over the front of my house. Two days later my cell rings and it's my husband laughing so hard he can't breathe. Our neighborhood red-shouldered hawk flew down and tackled one of my fake ravens, ripped its feet off, then looked around all embarassed. WE KNOW YOUR SECRET SHAME, HAWK.

    1. Oooh, that is so funny!

      (Is part of its shame that it started with the feet?)