Monday, March 11, 2013

Eat This: Black Dog Smoke and Ale House

There are lots and lots of good restaurants in Chicago.  But, holy crap, it might be worth driving all the way down to Urbana just for Black Dog barbecue.

The building is right downtown, and the ambiance is casual/cool.  Be prepared for a bit of a wait--they don't accept reservations, but it's really, really worth it.  I ordered pulled pork and twice-baked potato casserole, and everything was mouthgasmic.  I understand the burnt ends are so good, they always sell out within a couple hours.  (Sounds like an excuse to go for lunch, right?)  And their home-made barbecue sauces are incredible.

Best of all?  The joint is named after the owner's two black mutts, and since studies show medium-sized black dogs are some of the last to be adopted (I know, I was surprised, too), they always have a flier in the entrance of an adoptable dog fitting that description.  Cool, huh?

You should probably eat there.  I'll even come down to meet you if you do!  (Yeah, I'm totally looking for excuses to head down again...  Help a girl out, would you?)

(True:  Don't expect too many restaurant reviews--I'm a lunchtime blogger, and it makes my bagged lunch disappointing.)


  1. Glad that Black Dog made your blog! I haven't had the burnt ends either, and I think if you visit again that alone is enough excuse for us to go back for lunch!