Friday, March 29, 2013

In a Surprise Twist, I Actually Survived

And mostly intact!  WhirlyBall was pretty much more fun than ought to be legal, although I did end up with some bruising on the insides of my legs that might raise some eyebrows if I decide to sport my Daisy Dukes this weekend.  You know, if I had any.  Or thought that was a good look for me anyone me.

But what can I say?  A center steering column in a bumper car leads to suspicious bruising.

In other news, overnight my voice has subsided to a subauditory squeak.  I went to lunch with some friends, and they spent the entire meal pretending (sort of pretending) they couldn't hear me, and the entire ride back mocking me.

I'd write up a proper post, but I have Frutti di Bosco gelato to eat, so you're out of luck.

(True:  I am wearing a ponytail today.  One of our salespeople came up behind me and pulled it.  To be perfectly clear, my ponytail is not an invitation to touch me, no matter how often we talk on the phone.  Especially from behind, without announcing your presence.  Geez, people!  Haven't we moved past this yet?)


  1. Apparently it goes like this with us guys:

    Preschool through about 5th grade, pulling ponytails...

    6th and 7th grades, snapping bra straps...

    8th grade through early adulthood, semblance of respect, because we want to convince you we're worth dating...

    Thereafter, back to pulling ponytails.

    (True: Usually when a guy pulls your hair, it's because he likes you but can't think of a good way to start a conversation.)

    1. I've heard that before. Mostly I think it's a good way to get punched in the nose. :)

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment re the raise on my blog. I am SO thrilled for you that your request worked, and also just that you attempted it at all! I just did it myself (after talking my friend through it), and it was SCARY AS HELL.

    1. Look at us, being all awesome and stuff!