Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Been Nice Knowing You, But Now I'm Headed toward Certain Doom.

Pray for me.  If you are certified, please include Last Rites.  (That's something you have to be certified for, right?)

Tonight, I am learning how to play WhirlyBall

This can only end in tears.  The last time I was in a bumper anything, I was about seven.  My grandparents had taken my cousing, my sister, and me to Little Ammericka, and my sister conned me into going on the bumper boats with her, even though the engines were unhealthily (yes, that's a word, because I say so and so does Merriam-Webster) loud.  It was just the two of us, because my cousins chose that opportune moment to disappear.  My boat's engine cut out, and My Sister the Lawyer bumped my boat over and over while I was stranded until I cried.  It took the operator about six hours (okay, probably about fifteen minutes) to figure out how to retrieve me.

Ah, the memories.

Now, I'll be adding a sports element to an activity that's already cutthroat, and I'm not exactly the most coordinated person...

Take this morning.

This morning, I decided to wear a pencil skirt.  It's sort of sunny out, and I sometimes like to pretend it's spring.  Everything went swimmingly until I tripped on my skirt in the bathroom.  So naturally I tore the seam, which runs down the back of my skirt

And of course the hole is exactly ass-level.

If this is karma, I must have been Genghis Khan in a past life.

(True:  It's a good thing I'm wearing tights.)


  1. I'd apologize for our abandoning you, but I'm pretty sure we found something else to do because the fumes coming off the boat pit were thick enough to cut with a knife.
    And I will never, ever, apologize for chickening out and retreating from the haunted house. Ever.

    1. Haha, the only time we ever made it through that haunted house beginning to end was when we were behind some woman and her boyfriend/husband. The woman was clutching her manfriend, my sister was clutching this complete stranger, and I was clutching my sister. We were like a conga line of terror.

      And frankly, I can't blame you for abandoning me. I'm still shocked I didn't die that day. :)

  2. I had to Google "pencil skirt." I guess they tear easily because they're pretty tight fitting?

    I wouldn't take that as evidence of your supposedly clumsy nature. I mean, you and Prada write a pretty mean blog, using only the seven limbs between you. Seems like you'd have enough coordination to play this WhirlyBall thing.

    Good luck, and hopefully Diana will be nicer from now on!

    1. To be fair, it was stretchy. If I hadn't tripped on it...

      And it seems I have survived WhirlyBall! Lots of fun, and more than a few bruises, but I'd love to do it again!