Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hops in the Right Direction: Feet!

Just because I occasionally blog dogs doesn't mean I have all the answers.  I make no claims to being an expert.  Or even qualified to give advice, but it's the internet, and my blog, so I can do as I please.  Sometimes, I have a lot to say.

Sometimes, though, all I have are questions.

One thing I've been wondering about lately is feet.  I've mentioned before that I worry about Prada's feet--she can't afford to be down any more.  But is she?  Prada definitely dislikes having her feet handled, and more strongly than a lot of other dogs I've met.  But is that because she's a tripod, or is it just a quirk of her personality?  Plenty of dogs don't like their feet being handled, after all.

That then, leads me to wonder if perhaps tripods and other dogs with altered mobility are statistically more likely to have an aversion to their feet being touched.  There's anecdotal evidence that they are more likely to fear slippery floors, as Prada does, so it doesn't seem like such a stretch for the caution to extend from the dog's environment to their body.

Anybody have an anecdote?  Ideas?  A deep-seated need to tell me this is a stupid question?

(True:  If manipulating something with your hands is called "handling," I vote that manipulating something with your feet should be called "footing."  Or am I the only person who will try to reach something I've dropped  with my feet so I don't have to get off the couch?)


  1. Not liking slippery floors just makes sense, but I think you may be overthinking tripods being squeamish about their feet because of being a tripod. You and I would be, but doggies don't have that sensibility.

    My dog didn't like having her feet touched, but when we moved to a place where the outside doors led straight into the living areas, she had to get used to having her paws wiped before she came inside. I only use old towels for that and she eventually got over being so touchy about paw-rubbing.

    My feet are usually ON the couch, so using my hands is easier than shifting my legs and my fat ass.

    1. I should probably just practice with a towel like that--Prada tolerates it sort of, but makes it pretty difficult.

      And I am definitely a ruminator, so over-thinking it is a very real possibility! :)

  2. Our german shepherd will let me touch his feet (if I don't purposely tickle him, which I'd NEVER do...of course).I can even clip his nails.

    But if the vet/vet techs/groomer clips his nails all hell breaks loose. He howls and screams like his nails are being ripped out. Last time, the vet tech came out to talk to me because the whole place could hear him screaming in horror. They hadn't actually touched his feet yet.

    My dog is all drama. Snort.

    1. Good lord! That's awesome! I mean, terrible.

      (I mean awesome.)

  3. Goldendoodle Cooper doesn't really like his feet being handled.

    We can be wrestling on the ground, and it's no holds barred from him: biting, swatting at me with his massive paws, you name it. As long as I just grab at his neck, smack his butt, roll him around, etc., we're cool. But as soon as I grab a paw, that's a FOUL, and he complains that I'm not playing fair.

    1. Hahaha! A real tought guy Cooper is, huh?