Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm Getting a Bit Worried.

I've done nothing ridiculous in about a week now.

I haven't accidentally spoken out of turn or nearly killed myself with hilarious results.

I haven't experienced the absurd.

Is this blog doomed?  Am I done doing silly things and being egotistical enough that I think my happenings simply must be shared with the entire Internet?  Have I finally achieved adulthood?!

Oh, never mind.  There's the absurdity I was looking for.

Here's some more:

This kid has got it right.
And, here's a (sort of NSFW but absolutely hysterical) gif series of David Tennant and the Stress Ball.

(True:  Dear Internet,  I less than three you so hard right now.)


  1. Omg, I just saw that bit on YouTube this morning! Did you see the other gift he was showing off right before the stress ball? I almost rolled off the couch, I was laughing so hard!!

    1. I almost didn't make it to the stress ball one, actually. ;)