Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Steve Jobs Tried to Save My Soul (But Then He Died).

Internal Me:  How did you get pizza sauce into your earbuds?

Me Me:  Dunno.  I had a Hot Pocket for lunch.  Caliente Pocket!  And, now I want a sandwich with a frilly toothpick.  Also, Pepto Bismol.  Once I drank Pepto right before going to bed, and my tongue was black when I woke up.  Remember?  That was weird.

Internal Me:  I can't believe I'm stuck with you forever.

(True:  I got my iPod used.  The first owner had not removed their songs.  I'm nosy, so of course I scrolled through the playlist.  All spiritual healing books and old-school hymns.  Perhaps someone Up There was trying to tell me something?  Regardless, that's how I came to own the GodPod.)


  1. GodPod! *snort* *chuckle*

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed that part! I sort of feel uneasy about this post. It's wrong on several levels, not the least being this is really how my head works.

  3. One of you may have come up with a perfect upgrade to Jobs's invention: the sermons and stuff will save your soul, and if you ever get stranded in the wilderness, you can eat the Hot Pocket sauce to save your life.

    Just don't get into too big an argument with yourself over who deserves credit for this. You two really should learn to get along.

  4. Oooh, an iPod with a heating element! Warm hands, hot food, and a bit of soul-saving--we love it!

  5. The fact that you interrupted yourself to say "Caliente Pocket!" made me laugh out loud. I majored in Spanish in undergrad and often translate random phrases in my head as other people are talking. Made my day to see someone else does that too. =)


  6. Alison, I took Spanish for five years, and all I can do is translate single words from useless phrases. It's a talent. Feliz Thanksgiving (a bit late).