Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jamaican Me Feel Stupid

Once upon a time, long before The Squeeze, I dated Jamaican Guy.  He was from Jamaica.  He was smart, funny, interesting, and good-looking.  He also had an accent so thick he had to repeat himself ad infinitum before I actually understood.

My Sister the Lawyer, upon Facebook stalking him for photos as we discussed the issue, said:

"That's a problem?"

(True:  I love tropical beach vacations.  So if you find yourself with an extra ticket to some exotic locale, I give you permission to invite me.)


  1. Jamaican me wanna sit on a tropical beach right now, next to some exotic beauty in a bikini. No!... I mean next to my beautiful wife. Yeah, that.

  2. I went to Jamaica once, and there were lots of exotic beauties. But I was with a bunch of other cream-puff-skinned Wisconsinites like me. I burned until I puked--and that was with spf 85 sunscreen.

  3. She looked really "hot" though!

  4. I still don't find an issue with not being unable to understand him... :)