Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Am Not Dead. Yet.

Unless, of course, I am dead and this is a a dead-dream or maybe the afterlife, in which case, this is not the Kool-Aid I thought I was drinking.

Busy.  I've have been it.  Even now, I am semi-covertly blogging at work.  (Shhh, don't tell!)

Over the weekend, my friend Jes visited from Iowegialand, or maybe Nebraska.  Is there a difference?  Anyway, Jes is awesome.  I have been so busy that "cleaning" my apartment for her arrival consisted of me throwing a sheet over the four foot tall mountain of laundry and shoving the dirty dishes in the oven.  Our conversation on the way from the airport went like this.

Me:  Don't look in the oven.
Jes:  Okay.
Me:  Or the refrigerator.
Jes:  Okay.
Me:  And close your eyes when you go into the bathroom.
Jes:  All right.
Me:  And just ignore all of the boxes with crap spilling out.  I never really finished moving in.
Jes:  No problem.
Me:  I mean, I know that was two years ago, but I'm usually at The Squeezes' place anyway.
Jes:  Okay.
Me:  I have nothing for you to eat or drink.
Jes:  That's what take-out is for.
Me:  I'm sorry!  I'm the worst host ever!
Jes:  Yeah, but I love you anyway.

I love her right back.

(True:  We saw dead people and then we met a famous person.  The famous person was still alive, though.)

Bud doesn't care what your place looks like, either.  He's cool like that.


  1. I have a friend like this, who camps on my sofa when she has to stay late at work (rather than face a 2+ hour commute, sleep maybe 4 hours and do the 2+ hour commute back!). I don't hide the dirty laundry or the dirty dishes because her house is often in the same state of disarray. We are always cracking each other up and I can count on her to be there no matter what. :)

  2. Is Iowegialand a real place (city?), or is it a Norwegian theme park located in Iowa?

    1. I'm pretty sure it's a Norwegian theme park that IS Iowa.