Friday, February 3, 2012

ZZZZzzzz.... (Part One)

Ah, precious sleep.  The one luxury that poor people and rich can enjoy alike.

I take sleep very seriously.  I can honestly call myself an expert sleeper.  I'm passionate about this hobby, and practice napping as often as possible.

However, when I wake up, I'm up and moving about ten minutes before any sign of soul or humanity is present.  All id, no superego.  From 7 till 7:10 a.m., I can be an absolute monster.  Worst part is, most of the time I don't even remember what awful thing I said or did during those ten minutes.  I am very lucky my parents never held what happened in my sleep-addled state against me.  Except in a haha-making-fun-of-you-for-the-next-decade kind of way.

For example, the time My Sister the Lawyer decided, many year ago, it would be a good idea to wake me up by jumping on me?  I really don't recall all the creative and loud obsenities I supposedly used, and I definitely don't remember throttling her.

But My Sister the Lawyer sure remembers.

(True:  The Squeeze doesn't even bother trying to talk to me first thing in the morning.  He's smart like that.)

Mya needs a hand.  Really.  There's only 5.6 degrees of separation between people now, what with Facebook, and Twitter and everything, so every person that posts a link to her increases her chances of getting the surgery she needs exponentially.


  1. I have to just stay in bed until my soul/humanity show up. Getting up without them just leads to trouble.

    1. Mornings are definitely not my thing. I'd probably fall back asleep if I did that. Ah, I miss having weekends, where I can sleep in two days in a row...