Friday, February 10, 2012


In college, I spent a term in the UK, and when it was over, my family flew out to visit me.  We rented a minivan (which is a whole 'nother story in and of itself) and drove all over the country/countries.  (Let's see:  England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, UK, Great Britain...  I think that covers them all.)

When we were in Edinburgh, we went for dinner to a very classy, high-end pub, and this made me happy since I'd been trying really hard to show off how I was newly well-travelled and posh.  Thus far, I hadn't done too well, being clumsy and falling all over things and also forgetting my new posh self and skipping all over the place like I was six.

Anyway, classy pub.  Old, glossy wood, expensive lighting, well-dressed and well-spoken patrons.  Nice place.  Then I had to pee.  Off to the ladies I go. 

You know those machines in ladies rooms where they usually sell tampons?  Or lipgloss and condoms if it's a gas station?  This bathroom had one of those except instead of selling the normal stuff, it was selling inflatable sheep.

You guys, I had brought my mother to an establishment that sold INFLATABLE SHEEP.

(True:   My mom is awesome and thought it was hilarious.)

Bella totally would have been chill about it (but she probably would have enjoyed hopping down the streets of Bath with me, too).


  1. I came to this post off of the "Bad. Very Baaaaad" link expecting a goat story, but I was not disappointed. I am left with a burning question though: Did you get an inflatable sheep souvenir? I hope so!

    P.S. - Did the doggy who needed surgery find someone to house her during recovery yet? It's making me sad.

    1. I did not purchase the sheep--which I have regretted ever since.

      And Mya is still waiting, poor girl.

    2. Sad news, and sadder news. =( But thanks for the update.