Monday, January 28, 2013

But At Least I Ordered Great Pizza.

My parents came down for the weekend, which was awesome.  Unfortunately for them, they crashed at my place.

My building has the old fashioned cast iron radiators that occasionally make a rattling sound if there is air in the pipes.  On Saturday night, there was not air in the pipes.  There was an entire steel drum band made up of people with no rhythm on crack, and I thought we were all going to die.  (We didn't die, as it turned out.  We just didn't sleep.)

And Sunday, I locked myself out of my apartment while heading downstairs to let in my parents, who had locked themselves out of the building.

It's a really good thing that people aren't rated for their hosting skills on Yelp the way hotels are. 

(True:  My parents surprised me with bookshelves this weekend.  I officially have the coolest parents ever.)


  1. Hey! Deaf people have very good rhythm! Although, I suppose the crack could throw them off a bit...

    1. Good point! That wasn't very sensitive of me. Thanks for calling me out on it!