Monday, January 21, 2013

Well, That's Just Embarrassing...

I work in the commercial lighting industry.  Friday, I quoted this fixture, and the photo they used to market it, well, I'd post it here, but it's probably NSFW.

That's right--a website I frequently use for work is not safe for work.

But here's the real mystery--is that photo proof that Spiderman is a hipster with a little too much affection for his web?

And who the hell thought, You know what will sell this light fixture?  A skinny, hairy, naked guy in the fetal position.

(True:  In a testament to how awesome my supervisor is, when she saw the web page I'd accidentally-on-purpose pulled up, she laughed and called over the rest of the department to come see.)


  1. What a funny pic- It's a hairy hipster with a Spiderman fetish!

  2. Ewww. Talk about not knowing where something's been...I'll be his girlfriend doesn't!

    1. Bubbe, did you just check this out at work? Because that might be the part I find the funniest...