Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday--Your Boss Definitely Probably Won't Mind You Wasting a Couple of Hours

I don't know if you're realized this yet, but there are some pretty neat things on this Internet of ours.

First, Bubbe sent me this awesome and hilarious video, which makes me feel a little better about myself because, well, I need a wall to balance against when I try anything aerobic, too.

You may have already heard about the police officer in Baltimore, who, when called out to deal with a vicious pit pull, gave the dog water, cuddles, and--not very long after--a forever home.  Seriously, how cool is this guy?!

Read the story here.

Oooh, have you seen DogShaming yet on tumblr?  It's moving quickly to become one of my favorite dog blogs.  Because, you know, if you have a dog, they do some crazy/gross/obnoxious things, and a sense of humor about it is absolutely essential...

Now, shocking as it is, the Internet is not entirely about dogs.  I know, it's a bit of a disappointment to me, too.  But we all need to expand our worlds sometimes, and there's actually some neat non-dog stuff out there, too.

Like this.  It's a huge compiliation of do-it-yourself costumes, including this absolutely amazing Weeping Angel costume:

Holy crap, you guys.

And this Inspector Gadget:

The head fan works!
But, sick as my sense of humor is, this one is probably my favorite.

Would someone lend me their baby?  Please?
And finally, a treasure hunt just for you...

1.  Go to Google.  (I'd recommend opening it in another tab, or you won't be able to follow the rest of the directions.

2.  Type "Where is Chuck Norris".  Search.

3.  Click on the first option.

4.  Be astounded.  Or at least mildly entertained.  You know, whatever.

So tell me, faithful followers (or lurkers, or casual passers-by--yes, I know "passers-by" doesn't sound right, but it is) what else is out in the World Wide Web that I need to know about?

(True:  A thing that picks other things up is properly called a "picker-up," not a "picker-upper."  Someone needs to travel back to 1992 and inform Bounty, stat.  Well, maybe not stat, since time travel is involved.  Ninety-two can probably wait till tomorrow.)

(Also true:  I am sorry if you've read all this way and were hoping for something entertaining.  Actually, I'm sorry for this whole post.  I'm pretty sure this is one I'll look back at in a year and think, what was I smoking that day?  Except I know the answer will be nothing, because I've never smoked anything but hookah that one time in college and it gave me a headache so I did it five more times and then never again.  I don't think it counts as smoking, while I'm going up or down the stairs in my building, occasionally having to breathe the miasma of whatever my former downstairs neighbors, ahem, enjoyed.  I don't mean cupcakes, sadly.)


  1. gave me a headache so I did it five more times and then never again.


    1. Well, you know, it's college: the time to act really stupid while (hopefully) getting really smart. Or at least educated.

  2. Love it, Dana. If you look back in a year and wonder what you were smoking, you should wonder instead what everyone else was smoking to not like it. :)

    The Recapta is driving me crazy. I know I typed it correctly, or at least I did the first four times...

  3. I like this: because it's like PostSecret for Doctor Who nerds. :-D You may have to go down a bit to find the actual confessions due to all the season 7 sneak peaks.

    1. Am on it now. There goes my day. Great share, thanks!!!

  4. Chuck Norris approved laundry detergent