Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feed Me, Seymour

I like food.  A lot.  (Eating it, not cooking it.)  Show me a cupcake and I will light up like it's Christmas and there's a pony under the tree just for me.  I also have a very fast metabolism, which I figure I better take advantage of while it lasts.

This leads to people offering me food left and right--I am their personal barefoot in an undeveloped country on those TV commercials child.

I ate lunch half an hour ago.  And now I'm being forced to work my way through five pieces of pizza.

Poor, poor me.

**Update: I am now eating someone else's Swedish Fish and have acquired a tin of Ouija mints. No joke, it's like magic.

(True:  My stomach is all swollen right now.  I have a food baby!)

Melody would like you to consider this.

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