Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Hey, Guess What?

The Squeeze and I exchanged gifts last night, because we're each spending Christmas with our respective families.  And guess what I got?

A camera!!!


Now you might get pictures that are only bad because of my photography skills, not because of my crappy cell phone!


And just a reminder:  This will be my last post before Christmas--this weekend is a great opportunity to embarrass your dog by entering them in the Ugly Sweater Contest!  Email your photos to

(True:  Once, when I was living in London, I took a good picture.  It was of an architectural detail, a demon on a doorway.  I wonder if that means anything...)

Willow and Sammy are photogenic, though, aren't they?


  1. A good camera cannot ensure good pictures, but a crappy camera almost always gives crappy pictures.

    Looking forward to what you will post now!

  2. Merry Christmas Dana & Prada! See you on the flip side :D

  3. Brian--I'm looking forward to taking pictures where people's reactions are something other than "Huh? What is that?"

    Bubbe--Merry Christmas! (Also, the little sister of a good friend of mine didn't know what "the flip side" meant, and I felt old.)