Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not to rub it in, but I am completely done with my holiday shopping.  Now all that remains is the actual work part:  wrapping.  I take my wrapping very seriously.  Every year, my wrapping paper coordinates.  I buy spools and spools of ribbon, and make my own bows.  (Store-bought bows?  Please.)  It can take up to three yards of ribbon to trim one package.  I also will use buttons, silk flowers, feathers, and glitter glue for trimmings.  Who doesn't love glitter glue?  Wrapping one package can take up to twenty minutes, though I have gotten quicker over the years.  (The trick lies entirely in glue dots.  Best.  Invention.  Ever.)

I am like the Martha Stewart of gift-wrapping.  Except I've never been to prison.

Of course, I've also never been wealthy--maybe there's a correlation there.

(True:  Maybe I'll post pictures of some of my packages later.  Then you can all admire the blurs and use your imagination--is that fuzzy blob a ribbon?  Or Prada the Puff?)

It's not too late!  Email your Ugly Sweater photos to me at!

Rusty is dreaming of a white Christmas in a warm new home.
Speaking of bows, Rusty would look fantastic in one, especially if he were under your tree.


  1. Okay, I'll bite. What are glue dots? I love that you make your own bows and coordinate! The best I can do is make sure the ribbon or bow matches one of the colors in the paper.

  2. They are semi-solid, super-sticky dots for crafting, and they come in a couple of different sizes. I'm a huge fan because with a lot of ribbon, white glue or even craft glue is either not tacky enough right away or will soak through the material and leave spots. With glue dots, it's just place and go--no drying time. They are a recent discovery of mine, and worth every darn penny.

  3. Like the Martha Stewart of gift wrapping, but without the prison time, and not wealthy. Yeah, that's exactly how I've always described you, Biped. Oh, and don't forget, you know way more about tripod dogs than Martha does.

  4. That's true. But I can't cook worth a darn, and that's a real shame. I do love eating.