Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm About to Make a Million Dollars

People often say that fresh out of the bath, their small dog looks like a drowned rat.  Prada, of course, is way too glamorous for that.

Sometimes, people say that dogs and their people look alike.  Again, Prada is too flashy for such a comparison. 

There is someone specific that she looks like, though...  I'll let you guess.  Here's a reference picture for you:

I've mentioned I'm a terrible photographer, right?  Use your imagination.

Put her in tight pants and a frilly shirt, a leather jacket with a really, really big collar.  Add plenty of makeup (or not).  A guitar might help.  I'd sprinkle her liberally with glitter, but that's just me.  The eyebrows are perfect, though, don't change them a bit.

Have you got it?


Fine, then.

With a look-alike this perfect, Hollywood is going to come calling any minute now.

(True:  This is how photos end up on my blog:  I use my dumb phone to take a picture.  I send a photo message to The Squeeze.  The Squeeze uses his smart phone to put the image on Facebook.  I log onto Facebook and save the pic to my desktop.  I need a proper camera and probably twelve years of photography lessons.)

(Also true:  That is not how I got the picture of David Bowie.  That came from the Internets.)

Nikita agrees with Zsa Zsa Gabor: "Macho does not prove mucho." But she's still glad she's not going to be love-mauled by Ziggy fans.


  1. They can do an all canine actors remake of Labyrinth!

  2. Your dog looks exactly like the Goblin King! I love it.

  3. Amazing likeness there. Prada Bowie. And a wonderfully efficient process you've found to get pictures for your blog--congratulations on that!

  4. Ally: Thanks! Prada had the exact same look on her face as David Bowie in that picture while she was in the bath--it cracked me up!

    Brian: Where there's a will and A Squeeze with a smartphone...